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Everyone has the right to have an opinion. I have the right to eloquently point out how stupid of an opinion it is.

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Even as I am now, I make a better Batman than any of those who have tried.

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On the contrary to popular beliefs, if I decide on a side—I stick with it until the very end. There is no leaving this war once it has started.

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Pennyworth is the only one I trust within the manor to truly cook a traditional meal without burning something or making things out of salt.

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dickie-bird sent: what kind of 'silly public display of affection' ?

I believe one of the holds he often enjoys giving and receiving is a hug. If it is needed, I can give a sufficient one. It is the thought that counts, as I am told often.

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The definition of loneliness to Grayson is starkly different from my own. I learned to live without the need for others. I call it independency. Grayson appears to strive on company and to wilt when he is alone. He calls it pain.

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When the manor gets insufferably quiet, I help Pennyworth cook.

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dickie-bird sent: Damian, if you would see Dick depressed, would you try and talk to him ?

Actions speak far louder than words. I suppose I  would force him to cheer up by giving him one of those silly public displays of affections.

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I sometimes envy Todd because his obligations and expectations are his own.

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Treating everyone as if no one is special is just as troublesome and hard as it is to treat one person special.

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